Vintage in the Age of Instagram by Emma MacArthur

I’m pleased to be adding some new writers to our Fashion Resource Centre Blog!  You will have just recently seen the blog about Dior by Jennifer Dares and now a new blog for our Vintage fashion lovers by Emma MacArthur.  Emma will also be working on our Pinterest and Instagram pages for the Fashion Resource Centre so be sure to like us and follow us.

This is going to be a fabulously fashionable new year!



Vintage in the Age of Instagram

By Emma MacArthur

In an age where everything we eat, wear and do is documented in self-curated archives online for the world to see, it´s become easier than ever to express one’s self and how one wants to be perceived by the world. From Snapchat to Facebook to Instagram, the world is enthralled by the idea that we can express our true identities (or create new ones). With this new ability to create and express, social media has become the epicenter for building communities with people who once felt alone with their interests and hobbies.

One of these, happens to be the vintage community.  If you were a lover of vintage fashion, you might have felt like you stuck out like a sore thumb, especially if you lived in a relatively small town. Now in the age of Instagram, you may no longer feel alone, because there are so many great ways to explore the vintage world on this social media platform.

In fact there are so many different types of vintage fashion accounts to pick satisfy your vintage brain and fill your feed with classic looks. Here are just a few from the many waiting to be found on your Explore Page.

Let’s begin with Personal style accounts:

Some of the greatest vintage accounts are those of the every-day common vintage-loving fan. They live their daily lives fully clad in vintage and document their lifestyle. What’s truly exciting is following people who wear different eras and seeing the difference in what vintage means to each of them.

There are people like @katielouisepowell who is fascinated by the 1920s/30s/40s. From her day-to-day wardrobe to her job as a designer for reproduction period clothing, to her husband who studies historical costume and designs with her, Katie lives and breathes her passion for these eras.